Digital Identities and Digital Fluency

(, 2015)

(, 2015)

Having always been interested in how other individuals perceive my personal digital identity this topic really intrigued me. My research of protecting digital identities, awareness of digital securities and promoting these both in education has been no less than influential in the best way.

“Unlike real-life identity, digital identities can range from a simple username/password combination unrelated to any specific attribute or characteristic of the person to one that relies on sensitive and personally identifiable information from official credentials” (Branch, 2013).

There is a larger access to online/digital resources than ever, so the need to increase awareness of digital identities and securities is becoming increasingly vital.

As a student my digital identity could most definitely be condensed down more. From a strangers perception they could find out information such as how: I live in Australia, I am family orientated, I am in a relationship and who with, and how I am currently studying. Putting these ideas into perspective is fairly scary and does influence me to give less information out. I do not share my Snapchat with anyone I do not personally know or communicate with, and my Instagram is set to private- however I still feel the need to watch what information I am giving the public, just to be safe.

As educators it is expected that your digital identity is professional and (in my opinion) is worth getting into the practice in as a student. Even for those participating in voluntary work could consider keeping a close eye on what their digital identities show and who can access them. It is also important that in your practices you promote the importance of protecting digital identities, depending on the context in which you teach. As the use of digital technologies in education is evolving, it will be interesting to see how often and to what extent educators promote safety (online and in using digital technologies) in the near future.


Branch, E. (2013). Protecting and Managing Digital Identities Online – Digital Policy Branch., (2015).


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