What is a ‘Digital World’?

(Dumblittleman.com, 2015)

(Dumblittleman.com, 2015)

Most of the world’s population participates in the use of digital technologies for entertainment and social purposes, and many are expanding the countless purposes technology currently offers us (i.e. educational purposes). With the accessibility of digital technologies and the fact they are becoming so relied upon, it seems safe to say that we are living in a technology-rich era. “The day when you can communicate effectively with your washing machine or boiler using the phone in your pocket is not far away” (The Guardian, 2013). The accessibility of digital technologies does not appeal to everyone, however opens many of us up to a world of easy communication and lifelong learning.

“People around the world are taking their education out of school into homes, libraries, Internet cafes and workplaces, where they can decide what they want to learn, when they want to learn, and how they want to learn” (Lpc.pitt.edu, 2015)

To understand my own digital world I would say I’m not heavily involved, but I do rely on digital technologies day to day for social and educational purposes. As a student and (hopefully) future graduate as an early childhood educator I am aware that using any form of social media consciously and professionally will be of great importance, and as a current University student I should get into the motion of this quickly! A digital world is basically how we would define the world we live in today. It is a world with technologically/digitally-based ideas growing quicker than ever: revolutionising and simplifying education, interaction, everyday kind-of purposes and more. In my opinion it is a world exciting to be a part of, whilst understanding that negative factors (such as cyber bullying and limited access to technologies) exist also. Watch Schmidt & Cohen’s Youtube video (2013) of ‘The New Digital Age’: References

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